7 influential women in gaming

A look at women who've left lasting marks on the gaming industry.

Robin Hunicke – Game Designer/Producer/Professor

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Robin Hunicke is a multi-talented face in the game industry, having served as a game producer, designer, and professor of game design at UC Santa Cruz. Hunicke first got her start at EA where she contributed to a variety of projects including MySims and Bloom Box.

Following her exit from EA, Hunicke joined indie studio thatgamecompany where she worked as a producer on the award winning PS3 game, Journey. Hunicke then co-founded Funomena with thatgamecompany engineer Martin Middleton.

There, she worked on games such as Wattam and Luna. Aside from Funomena, Hunicke also joined Katamari Damacy and Keita Takahashi at Tiny Speck to develop the MMORPG, Glitch.

Due to Hunicke’s work advocating for women with the industry, her contributions to indie game development, and her milestones in game design, we felt it fitting to celebrate her on our list of influential women in gaming.

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