These games will help determine whether you'll like Death Stranding

Find out whether or not you should purchase a copy of Death Stranding based upon your previous gaming interests.

Deadly Premonition

If you love how bizarre and campy Deadly Premonition is, Death Stranding should be right up your alley.
If you love how bizarre and campy Deadly Premonition is, you'll have a blast working your way through Death Stranding.
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Prior to Death Stranding, Deadly Premonition occupied the top spot on the “WTF” list for many gamers. Having played both, we can definitely see similarities when it comes to thematic elements and tone. You’ll find a distinct touch of humor and “camp” in both games, despite the inclusion of serious subject matter and background drama.

Technically, you could say both games are flawed, but it’s the presence of these flaws that help them stand out from the crowd. Many have complained that Death Stranding takes a while to warm up and become interesting, and that its gameplay isn’t enjoyable in a conventional sense. For Deadly Premonition, things like structure, design, and voice acting can all be a little… questionable at times.

That said, you’ll find an unmistakable air of charm in both titles, and yes, even value.

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