The cutest villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get ready for the most lovable of lists as we rate the cutest villagers in every animal class in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The cutest Gorilla villager: Boone

Boone cute gorilla animal crossing new horizons

Gorillas get a bad rap in the AC community, but look at Boone’s smiling face and tell me you don’t think he’d give great hugs!  Whether it’s for that stripy shirt, his colorful face, or his “baboom” catchphrase, we love Boone, and so should you.

Runner up: Rocket

The cutest Hamster villager: Soliel

Soliel cute AC NH villagers

Snooty villager lovers, you’ve finally got someone to support! Soliel is a stylish little hamster who sets up an impressively swish house in New Horizons. Part cute, part cool, you’ll soon get over her snobbish attitude and earn a solid friend. Next we need her to teach how to do those cool eyelashes.

Runner up: Flurry

The cutest Hippo villager: Bubbles

Bubbles cutest villagers animal crossing new horisonz

Peppy wannabe popstar Bubbles is an unflinchingly cheerful addition to any island escape. She’ll bring a smile to any island stroll if you happen to run into her, though it’s entirely up to you whether her “hipster” catchphrase is a compliment or an insult.

Runner up: Bertha

The cutest Horse villager: Colton

Cutest villagers animal crossing colton

Colton has one of the fanciest houses you’ll find in New Horizons, which only make his goofy personality and choice of clothing all the more endearing. We reckon he’d be a lovely laugh to hang around with, and couldn’t keep him off this list.

Runner up: Savannah

The cutest Kangaroo villager: Carrie

Carrie cutest villager animal crossing new horizons

While most of Animal Crossing’s villagers are out finding themselves on a new journey, Carrie is just setting up a good life for her kids. A stellar mum and a kind soul too, Carrie is a cute, mood-lifting face to see each day on your island.

Runner up: Marcie

The cutest Koala villager: Melba

Melba cutest villagers animal crossing new horizons

You shouldn’t really cuddle koalas in real life, but it’s a struggle not to reach through our TV screens to give Melba snuggle each time we visit her relaxing home. It also helps that her catchphrase of toasty is a great one.

Runner up: Alice

The cutest Lion villager: Lionel

Lionel cutest villagers animal crossing new horizons

Just look at the tash on this majestic and seasoned lion. Sometimes you need a bit of class in your live, and Lionel is a true gentleman. He’s also a cuddly lion, so wins in both style and cuteness.

Runner up: Rory

The cutest Monkey villager: Nana

Nana cute villagers animal crossing

We’ve included surprisingly little pink on this list so far, but Nana rocks it in style. It also seems likely that her name is a reference to Nintendo’s equally adorable Ice Climber Nana, especially given her catchphrase of “po po”.

Runner up: Simon

The cutest Mouse villager: Rod

Best villagers rod animal crossing new horizons

We’re really not fans of Animal Crossing’s mice, but even our cold, vermin-averse hearts can’t help but like Rod with his beanie hat. As well as being cute himself, Rod also rocks a wicked ship-themed house complete with a pool table and swimming pool. Nice one, Rod.

Runner up: Bree

The cutest Octopus villager: Zucker

Zucker cutest villagers

Zucker is designed to look like a takoyaki ball, which makes him a deliciously adorable character we can’t decide if we want to cuddle or eat. A tiny figure, he knows how to host a big party, with his house featuring cotton candy, and other tasty treats.

Runner up: Marina

The cutest Ostrich villager: Julia

Cutest ostrich juliea ac new horizons

Julia may be a snooty villager who loves to gossip, but with bright colors and gigantic, twinkling anime eyes, she’s high on the pecking order of cuteness, especially within her category. Another one to subvert her animal grouping, Julia very much resembles a peacock, rather than an Ostrich.

Runner up: Gladys

The cutest Penguin villager: Roald

Roald cutest villagers animal crossing

Oh Roald. Sweet, sweet, Roald. The things we’d do to protect those giant eyes and that chubby jock body from harm.

Runner up: Aurora

The cutest Pig villager: Gala

Gala cutest villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a surprising number of cute snufflers to pick between, but Gala is our favorite. Clearly having heard the term Piggy Bank once and taken it literally, this cute pink piggie decorates her entire house like high-class bank, complete with gold bullion behind bars.

Runner up: Agnes

The cutest Rabbit villager: Coco

Coco cute villager number one

Some say Coco’s jet black eyes and mouth are terrifying, but those people have no heart. Coco is a sweet, shy, and often down on herself villager who just needs some kindness and love from her neighbors. Just try not to scream when she appears from behind a tree in the dead of night.

Runner up: Gaston

The cutest Rhino villager: Merengue

Merengue cutest villager animal crossing new horizons

Merengue is a Rhino who looks like a strawberry-topped shortcake and wants to be a pastry chef. Need we really say more?

Runner up: Hornsby

The cutest Sheep villager: Wendy

Cute villagers Wendy animal crossing

Most of Animal Crossing’s sheep have been haunting our nightmares, but we have a soft spot for Wendy thanks to her comical, zoned out expression. She just looks very satisfied, and we can only aspire to the same levels of comfort.

Runner up: Eunice

The cutest Squirrel villager: Marshal

Cutest villagers Marshal

There was never really much hope of outplacement Marshal, the internet’s favorite smug squirrel. With such a tiny stature, his permanently frowning face only make him more adorable and impossible to take seriously. 

Runner up: Poppy

The cutest Tiger villager: Bangle

Bangle cutest villagers

The first female tiger of the series, and Bangle has yet to be overthrown when it comes to cuteness. In New Horizons she’s styling it out in a lovely pineapple dress, bringing a smile to all her neighbors.

Runner up: Bianca

The cutest Wolf villager: Skye

Cutest villager skye animal crossing

Skye isn’t just cute, she’s also clearly got a good working relationship with the one and only K.K. Slider, appearing as she does on the front of Cafe K.K. With light blue fur and fluffy white patches, Skye is sure to soothe even the most stressful of island days.

Runner up: Audie

Phew! That was an awful lot of cute animals! What do you think of our cutest villagers list for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Declare us frauds, fakes and charlatans by suggesting your own favorites in the comments below!

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