Dino Meneghin on delivering Dota: Dragon's Blood's unconventional fantasy score

'I think there's dragons, he said something about elf sex. I don't know – it sounds cool!'

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The most dedicated video game fanbases

Fandoms don't get stronger than some of these. We stan a dedicated fan.

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Mortal Kombat movie overview: cast, characters, and fatalities

Learn spoiler-free details about the Mortal Kombat movie before it hits cinemas!

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Digital board games that don't suck

These excellent board game adaptations are well worth a look for video game lovers.


Fall Guys Season 4 new levels, patch notes, and features

Season 4 of Fall Guys includes the biggest update yet, with new Daily Challenges, Squads Mode, and a huge raft of bug fixes.

Valorant Stage 1 Masters: Highlights from the finals

The sickest plays and best highlights from the Valorant Stage 1 Masters finals.

Tips to enjoy gacha games like Genshin Impact without blowing the budget

Genshin Impact and other gacha games can still be enjoyed without becoming a whale, here are tips on keeping it cheap.

How to create an ergonomic gaming setup

Looking for advice on how to make your gaming sessions more comfortable? Click here to learn how to make your gaming set up as ergonomic as possible.

Square Enix Presents: All the announcements

A new Life is Strange and a proper name for Project Athia lead Square Enix's big reveals.

Valorant Infantry skins: Visuals and pricing

The price and look of all the new Valorant Infantry skins, including the M1 Garand Guardian.

Trash-talk etiquette: The dos and don'ts of online gaming put downs

Tilt your opponents without being a terrible human.

Deliver frosty (yet friendly) stares with artStar's Sage-inspired makeup guide for Game Glow

Create a Valorant visage based on healer Sage thanks to artStar's Game Glow tips.

Valorant Masters: Highlights from the first weekend

The biggest plays and best highlights from the first few days of the Stage 1 Valorant Masters.

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