Mental health resources for gamers

Playing games and staying healthy isn't just about playing Ring Fit, here's how to take care of your mental health too.

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Coming Up: SenseiCJ brings the good vibes taking over the HyperX Twitch channel

Get to know the master of the dojo as SenseiCJ gets handed the keys to stream on HyperX's Twitch channel today as part of Coming Up.

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Resident Evil Village Mercenaries tips and tricks to score you those SS ranks

Our Resident Evil Village Mercenaries beginner's tips will boost your scores so you can unlock each stage and upgrade.

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The best Star Wars day gaming deals

May the savings be with you.


VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik - All qualified teams

Valorant's first international tournament is on the way – here are all the teams to qualify for the Stage 2 Masters.

First Place Shooters: The best photography games you should snap up

These photography games give you all the thrill of pulling the trigger with none of the mess.

Video games to get the spring vibes flowing

Wave goodbye to winter.

How gaming plays a part in my Arab-American heritage

This Arab-American heritage month, one author reflects on the bonding moments gaming provided growing up tough in New Jersey.

Valorant - Easy Breeze Recon Bolt spots you won't forget

Learn these simple Recon Bolt spots for Valorant's Breeze map so you can take down any site as Sova.

PS Plus May games bring the carnage with Wreckfest and Battlefield 5

Available to PlayStation Plus subscribers from May 4.

The best Kirby transformations and copy abilities

Celebrating our favorite pink blob's weirdest and most wonderful transformations throughout the years.

Resident Evil Village demo secrets + tips to know before you play

Make sure you know where to grab the shotgun and all the goat locations before you jump into the Resident Evil Village demo.

Valorant Challengers: Recap and standings from VCT Stage 2

Find out how your favorite teams are faring in the Valorant Challengers competition.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition controls guide

Learn the full combat controls for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, split for all three games.

Resident Evil Village Moreau labyrinth ball location

Learn where to find the Moreau ball in Resident Evil Village so you can grab an extra treasure to fund some upgrades.

How to get the Chroma Rush in Destiny 2

Get the Chroma Rush in Destiny 2 and you'll have a gratifying rapid-fire rifle which deals Kinetic damage.

How to get and use Synthweave in Destiny 2

Learn how to use Synthweave in Destiny 2 to create Universal Ornaments for your visual pleasure.

Resident Evil Village Lone Road chest key guide

The Lone Road chest key is one of the easiest to miss in Resident Evil Village, so here's where you can find it.

Resident Evil Village Finest Fish location

Learn where to find Finest Fish in Resident Evil village so you can impress the Duke with your culinary skills.