The games that helped Henry Cavill become The Witcher

When he's not slaying monsters as Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher, Henry Cavill can be found at home playing video games on PC.

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All Starters and Starter Evolutions in Temtem

Pick the best Starter for you by reviewing the ones available in Temtem and their Evolutions.

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Streamer exclusivity is turning the internet into cable TV

Streamers signing contracts with platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer are creating more channels to watch.


How To Change Keybinds For Fortnite

How to set up your optimal keybinds for Fortnite.

New Legendaries in the Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass

Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra bring many new legendary Pokemon for us to train! Here's what we know so far

Will the Alienware Concept UFO run Steam?

Predicting whether the Concept UFO from Alienware will run Steam based on the information that's currently available.

How To Stream From Your PS4

You can stream from your PS4 even if you don't have any special hardware, here's how.

How To Stream From Your Switch

Streaming game play from Switch isn't quite as straightforward as other consoles, but it can be done!

5 video games that deserve The Witcher's Netflix treatment

The Witcher has paved the way, these are the games that should follow in its footsteps.

5 games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Finished Geralt's adventure but eager for more? These 5 games like The Witcher 3 will help scratch that fantasy RPG itch.

The biggest VR games of 2020

Get your goggles prepped, because these VR games are ready to whisk you away to another world in 2020.

2020 video game release calendar

The release dates for every video game we know is coming in 2020.

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How to get a surfboard in Temtem

Take to the waves by learning how to get a surfboard in Temtem so you can surf to sidequests and beyond.

All Temtem in Temtem's Early Access release

A complete Temtem list, detailing all Temtem we know of so far in the Early Access launch.

How to heal in Temtem

The best way to replenish your Temtem's HP in Temtem.

How to capture a Temtem

The basics of capturing different Temtem in Temtem.

What starter is strong against Max in Temtem?

Find out which starter is best suited to win against Max's Temtem!

Why are Temtem's servers at capacity?

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