Inside Project xCloud's first month and Microsoft's India ambitions

Kareem Choudhry and Catherine Gluckstein are trying to bring game streaming to more than just the Xbox faithful.

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The best gaming collaborations of 2019

The times fashion, music and media meshed with the gaming world in blissful harmony during 2019.

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The best Borderlands 3 deals for Black Friday 2019

Looking to score some fine Borderlands 3 loot this holiday? Our collection of the best Black Friday 2019 deals for the game will help you get the best offer.


The Ultimate Guide To Streaming On Mixer

Learn how to stream on Mixer with this helpful guide!

Dabuz on Smash Ultimate, underrated characters and his love of exploration

'Ultimate has a bright future which might rival Melee's longevity.'

The best Control deals for Black Friday 2019

Take command of the Bureau for cheap this holiday season by scouring our list of the best deals for Remedy Entertainment's Control during Black Friday 2019.

The best Red Dead Redemption 2 Black Friday 2019 deals

We've lassoed the finest Red Dead Redemption 2 deals for Black Friday 2019 to give your wallet a rest.

Best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Black Friday 2019 deals

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Holiday gift guide 2019 for the music-loving gamer

Make the video game audiophile in your life happy by browsing through our gift guide designed specifically for the music-loving gamer.

6 magical Disney games to get you in the mood for Disney Plus

Prepare for Disney Plus by checking out some of the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Disney games.

Indie action-RPG Yaga brings Slavic folklore to life in style

The gorgeous art of Yaga lets us step directly into the land of fairytale to test our character against Pagan mythology.

Smash Ultimate pros go head to head in Terry Exhibition match

Nario and Tweek demonstrated just how quickly pros have picked up Terry Bogard in a best-of-five competitive Smash Ultimate set this weekend.

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