Everything announced at E3 and Summer Game Fest 2021

The full breakdown of every single game and trailer show during the E3 and Summer Game Festival 2021 extravaganza.

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PS5 exclusives: the complete list of released and upcoming games

All the PS5-exclusive games delivering a next-gen experience to your home.

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Cooking games stole the show at the Wholesome Direct and Future of Play showed us what games can loo

Playful cooking sims, tea shops for cats, and cloud people doing job interviews all made these shows shine.

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PSVR Spotlight announcements: Sniper Elite VR, Arashi: Castles of Sin, and more

All the announcements from the latest PSVR Spotlight, including our first look at Arashi: Castles of Sin, Fracked, and Winds & Leaves.


E3 2021 overview

Everything you need to know about E3 2021's digital showcase, from times and dates to attendees.

The Best Gear To Play Resident Evil Village

Here's a rundown on gear that'll help keep you safe in the horrible confines of Resident Evil Village.

How Wave is fueling virtual entertainment experiences through gaming and innovation

Wave and Beatport's BEYOND series of DJ gigs aren't just recreating real life concerts, they're evolving them.

Valorant Masters Reykjavík: Highlights and best moments

The first international LAN Event for Valorant was everything we dreamed of and more.

Horizon Forbidden West: New weapons, equipment, and machines from the State of Play trailer

From Valor Surges to Sunwings, here everything new that Aloy needs to handle in Horizon Forbidden West.

The rising stars of the indie game world

The small studios making big names for themselves in 2021.

What is GTA RP and where to find the best servers

Become anything you want with the magic of GTA RP in these great role-play servers.

Your video game character horoscope

Find out which video game characters share your zodiac sign, and potentially your personality!

Coming Up: TheDanDangler answers the call in Warzone

Get inspired in your own CoD matches by watching TheDanDangler take over the HyperX Twitch channel this Friday.

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