Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite as a Nintendo 64 game looks like our childhood dreams come true

A re-imagining of Xbox Series X frontrunner Halo Infinite as a Nintendo 64 demake is pitch perfect.


Microsoft removes giant Xbox Series X badge from box art after mocking

Microsoft's massive 'Optimized for Series X' badge moved to back of game boxes after fans yelled.

Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play, 120fps on Xbox Series X

A store leak suggests Halo Infinite will have a free-to-play multiplayer with battle pass and 120fps Arena.

Console Comparisons: PS5 vs PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

How the latest consoles stack up against the most powerful counterparts of the last generation.

New gameplay footage of The Medium revealed

We're getting some serious Silent Hill vibes and we love it.

There's a new Fable game coming to Xbox Series X and PC

Bringing the series back to life with 'a new beginning.'

Warhammer 40K: Darktide takes the Vermintide formula to the grim-dark future

A new four-player co-op shooter from Fatshark, coming to Xbox Series X and PC.

Tetris Effect: Connected coming to Xbox One and Series X

Multiplayer support has been added to Tetris Effect as well.

As Dusk Falls is a new narrative story from Interior/Night

An interactive tale spanning 30 years.

Obsidian Entertainment reveal new RPG, Avowed

It's being built from the ground up for Xbox Series X.