New video reveals gameplay of Valve's unreleased Portal prequel

A new video series shows footage of Valve's Aperture Camera game source code in action.


Half-Life: Alyx VR game to appear at The Game Awards, leaked transcript says

Leaked transcripts reveal Half-Life: Alyx will be a VR game with a trailer released by Valve in March next year.

Apple and Valve rumored to be collaborating on AR glasses

Apple has partnered with Valve to create an AR headset, according to reports.

EA partners with Valve to bring games and Access to Steam

EA Access and games will appear on Steam's store starting with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Dota Underlords battle pass is on the way, say Valve

Valve's auto-chess battler Dota Underlords has a battle pass 'in the works'.

The 2017 Steam Autumn Sale Discounts Over 7,000 Games Ahead of Black Friday

Here's our list for the best deals of Steam’s Autumn Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017.

Valve Implements Methods To Curtail Steam Review Bombing

The new system will help to combat vindictive review trolls.

Dates for Steam's Halloween, Black Friday, and Winter Sales Leaked

Get your wallets ready for the remaining Steam sales of 2017.

Steam Implements Histogram Charts to Counteract Review Bombing

The charts give a diachronic look at a game’s review rating over time.

Will Getting Rid of the Greenlight Program Fix Steam?

Valve recently announced the decision to axe the Steam Greenlight program amid a sea of issues.