Tetris 99

Tetris 99 getting Super Kirby Clash theme

The next Maximus Cup event features a Super Kirby Clash crossover.


How to earn Tickets in Tetris 99

A quick tutorial explaining how to earn Tickets and how to use them to purchase Themes in Tetris 99.

All Themes available in Tetris 99

You can now exchange Tickets for new Themes in Tetris 99.

Local multiplayer confirmed for Tetris 99

Things are heating up in Tetris 99!

Tetris 99 getting a Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme

The latest Tetris Maximus Cup gives players a chance to earn a special Fire Emblem in-game theme.

Tetris 99 getting physical US release

Nintendo has confirmed a physical release of Tetris 99 will be available in the US starting September 6.

Tetris 99 gets a Splatoon 2 crossover event

In the run-up to Splatoon 2's two-year anniversary, players can win a ink-coated theme for the battle-royale puzzler.

Tetris 99 to get offline multiplayer this year

Arriving in the second DLC pack, Tetris 99 will get a new offline multiplayer mode.

How to change custom theme in Tetris 99

Swap from the default theme to the new Game Boy theme in Tetris 99.

Big Block DLC announced for Tetris 99

A new DLC expansion for Tetris 99 was recently announced, along with plans for a third Maximus Cup event.