Super Smash Bros.

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No Fox, no Final Destination.


Smash Ultimate 8.0.0 patch notes

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 8.0.0 update patch notes bring changes to loads of characters, who need to step up to face newcomer Min Min.

PandaGlobal is making a GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros.

19 years after Melee's release.

Hungrybox wins Smash Summit 9, calls for Nintendo to support Smash events

'I love you guys but you are the only ones not putting in resources to the scene.'

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The best Smash Ultimate player has unveiled his rankings in Smash Ultimate version 7.0, but MKLeo's tier list may not be what you expect.

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An ear-smashing concoction.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Check out our Smash Ultimate Tier List to find out Smash Bros Ultimate's best characters, and if you're the mean-spirited type, the worst as well.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is now old enough to drink (in the UK)

18 years old today, Super Smash Bros. Melee is still living life large as a competitive game.

Want Smash Bros' Hyrule Temple stage as a Snapchat filter? Well here it is anyway!

No items, fox-ear filters only.

Marss responds to 18 rapidfire questions on Ultimate, and RNG

'I hope they get a little more dramatic with buffs and nerfs.'