Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Check out our Smash Ultimate Tier List to find out Smash Bros Ultimate's best characters, and if you're the mean-spirited type, the worst as well.


Super Smash Bros. Melee is now old enough to drink (in the UK)

18 years old today, Super Smash Bros. Melee is still living life large as a competitive game.

Want Smash Bros' Hyrule Temple stage as a Snapchat filter? Well here it is anyway!

No items, fox-ear filters only.

Marss responds to 18 rapidfire questions on Ultimate, and RNG

'I hope they get a little more dramatic with buffs and nerfs.'

Chillindude on post-EVO Melee, hobbies and why he'd love to play Marth

'I would love to get a runback with Leffen once I'm back in top form.'

Retired Melee pro Armada joins the Esports Hall of Fame

The former leader of the Five Gods, Adam 'Armada' Lindgren is the first fighting game player to join the Esports Hall of Fame

MKLeo wins Ultimate Summit 2 in a dominating display

Joker steals the show as MKLeo claims his second Ultimate Summit victory.

Mango claims victory in GOML 2019 Melee singles

While Tweek's Roy sees success in Smash Ultimate.

Evo was right to drop Melee in 2019

After six straight years, it's finally time.

MKLeo claims the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crown at Genesis 6

The young Mexican repeats his success in a brand new game.