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Cuphead - Guide to All Items

There are a variety of equippable items in Cuphead that can help make your time in the game a little bit easier.


All Hidden Coin locations in Cuphead

Where to find all of the Cuphead's Hidden Coins squirreled away for safe keeping.

Fake Cuphead Game Appears on iOS

Studio MDHR has been doing damage control this morning after a scammer uploaded a fake version of Cuphead to the App Store.

Cuphead Patch Puts an End to the Mugman Army

R.I.P. million Mugman squad.

Studio MDHR Sticking to 2D Animation in Future Projects

Cuphead won’t be the only game to feature Studio MDHR’s unique brand of animation. 

Cuphead Has Officially Gone Platinum

Studio MDHR celebrates selling over 1 million units of Cuphead. 

Cuphead Review - Hurts So Good

Find out if we thought Cuphead delivered both style and substance.

Will Cuphead Come to PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch?

Don’t hold your breath.

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Cuphead: How to Unlock the Secret Black and White Mode

Learn how to unlock the Black-and-White, 2-Strip, and Vintage Modes in Cuphead.