Steam Remote Play Together lets you play local co-op online

Upcoming Steam Remote Play Together feature will let you play local co-op games online with friends.


Destiny 2 Steam player count tops 219,000 on Shadowkeep launch

Destiny 2 player numbers place it in the top 3 games on Steam on its first day.

Will Tetris Effect release on Steam?

Addressing whether fans can expect Tetris Effect to release on Steam in the future.

Shenmue 3 Steam key rewards no longer offered at launch

Shenmue 3 will no longer send Steam keys to backers at launch, instead offering Epic Games Store or PS4 keys.

Steam Summer Sale is now on until July 9

Get some incredible deals in the Steam Summer Sale until July 9.

The Steam Winter Sale now live

Discounted games, earn free rewards from the Extremely Cozy Cottage, vote for winners of the Steam Awards, and more.

The Steam Summer Sale is now live

We can already hear our wallets sobbing in response to all those discounts.

Bio Inc. Redemption is Out Now on Steam

Bio Inc. Redemption has finally emerged from the Early Access waiting room on PC.

Mulaka Review - Visions of a Sukuruame

Although Mulaka has a few rough edges, there’s plenty of cultural charm to carry you through this unique adventure.

Bombslinger Blasts Onto PC and Consoles in April

This explosive free-for-all will fully launch out of Steam Early Access next month.