Sony unveils DualSense controller for PS5

Get ready for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone.


Five new indies coming to PS4 this year including Boundary and Windbound

Boundary, Windbound, John Wick Hex, Biped and Going Under head to PS4 this year.

PlayStation download speeds cut across Europe as internet usage spikes

Sony have announced reduced download speeds on PlayStation as Europe goes on lockdown.

Guerrilla Games confirms Horizon Zero Dawn PC release

We had a feeling it was coming, but now it's official!

Ghost of Tsushima release date revealed with 4K story trailer

Ghost of Tsushima releases June 26 on PS4, according to beautiful new footage.

PlayStation 2 at 20: The games that defined a generation

As the PS2 turns 20 we look back at how the console, and its library, changed the face of gaming.

PS Now adds several noteworthy titles for March

March is a great month to be a PS Now subscriber.

Sony no longer attending PAX East 2020

Due to concerns over Coronavirus, Sony has decided to skip PAX East this year.

PS5 price 'struggling' to dip below $450, says report

A Bloomberg report claims Sony are having trouble getting the PS5 price below $450 thanks to component shortages.

Quantic Dream will now publish its games independently

The studio makes a move for independence by opting to self-publish future titles.