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League of Legends season 2021 changes and details

Everything you need to know about the arrival of the Ruined King in League of Legends' 11th season.


LoL Worlds 2020 hype music video shows old pros training the new generation

Old guard League of Legends pros like Faker, xPeke and Tian train the next generation in Worlds 2020 music video 'Take Over'.

Valorant anti-cheat recruits the GamerDoc for vigilante justice

Valorant's anti-cheat is reaching out to vigilantes like GamerDoc to help Riot stem the tide of cheaters.

Valorant 1.03 patch reworks the Guardian

Guardian users will encounter a few changes to their weapon of choice as it becomes more of a precision rifle in Valorant.

How to surrender a match in Valorant

Throw in the towel and move on to the next match by learning how to surrender in Valorant.

Riot unveils the Ignition Series, Valorant's esports roadmap

The Ignition Series will partner with events and organizations across the globe to establish Valorant's early esports scene.

It'll take roughly 100 hours to complete Valorant's battle pass

That's around 12-13 hours a week for two months.

Valorant's launch trailer shows off new Ascent map

Valorant launches today and the trailer to celebrate gives us our first look at the new Ascent map.

Valorant release date confirmed for June 2, closed beta ends May 28

There's only one week left to get into the closed beta before Valorant launches on June 2.

Riot acquires developers of Minecraft-like RPG Hytale

Northern Irish Hypixel Studios is brought under the LoL publisher's ever-increasing wings.