Resident Evil

Resident Evil Showcase recap: All the new details on Village, Infinite Darkness, and more

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Resident Evil Re:Verse - Everything we know about Village's multiplayer mode

Re:Verse features characters from throughout the Resident Evil franchise.

Capcom's sales are 80% digital

The publisher is aiming for 90% in the future.

Resident Evil series breaks 100 million sales

The Raccoon City (money) Printing Department.

Resident Evil 4 remake reportedly in the works

Capcom may follow the success of the Resident Evil 3 remake with a remake of the next entry in the series.

The Resident Evil Tyrant family tree

Meet Nemesis' bigger, badder brothers.

Resident Evil invades the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board

Jill, Chris, Leon and Wesker will all be available to catch on Smash Ultimate's Spirit Board from November 29.

How to join the Resident Evil Project Resistance closed beta

The Project Resistance closed beta will decide the fate of the game, so find out how to join on PS4 and Xbox One.

Project Resistance looks like Left4Dead but one player controls the baddies

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How long to beat Resident Evil HD Remaster

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