PS5 controller patent reveals DualShock's new (old) look

The PS5 controller will look a lot like the DualShock 4 with a few small changes.


PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Project Scarlett

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Is the PS5 backwards compatible?

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PS5 will consume less power in rest mode

Sony aims to make the PlayStation 5 more energy efficient.

PS5 devkit patent 3D renders cast next-gen console in new light

CGI renders of the PlayStation 5 devkit patent from earlier this week show a console worth getting excited about.

Sony patents potential PS5 devkit in Brazil

The Brazilian PS5 patent is in the same category as PS4's classification.

Sony want to buy studios to fend off Google, says president

Sony president Jim Ryan says the company is looking to acquire studios for more exclusive games.

Sony patents VR gyroscopic chair posture control system

The Sony patent describes a system that changes the player's orientation as they play VR games.

PlayStation 5 revealed: Sony's next-gen console hardware details surface

Next-gen PlayStation console to feature 8-core AMD CPU, ray-tracing GPU, high-speed SSD.