Is the PS5 backwards compatible?

Addressing whether or not the PlayStation 5 will offer backwards compatibility.


PS5 specs revealed as Sony details hardware in next gen console

PS5 specs have been announced as system architect Mark Cerny explains Sony's approach to the next generation.

PS5 price 'struggling' to dip below $450, says report

A Bloomberg report claims Sony are having trouble getting the PS5 price below $450 thanks to component shortages.

Sony files patent for guide AI that sells microtransactions if you're stuck

A patent filed by Sony describes a sort of voice assistant to help you beat bosses with hints and microtransactions.

Sony still waiting to set PS5 price as official website goes online

Sony have yet to decide on the PS5's price, waiting for several factors including Xbox Series X price.

Sony reveal new PlayStation 5 details at CES 2020

Aside from showing off a new logo, Sony confirms that PS5 will be released during the holidays.

PS5's first new game Godfall is a third-person loot slasher

Godfall, the first PS5 exclusive revealed so far, will be out holiday 2020.

PS5 controller patent reveals DualShock's new (old) look

The PS5 controller will look a lot like the DualShock 4 with a few small changes.

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Project Scarlett

A comparison of known specs for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

Does the PS5 have a disc drive?

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