PS5 M.2 SSD storage support goes live today

The second major system update expands 3D audio to in-built TV speakers, reworks the Control Center, and finally brings M.2 SSD support to the PS5.


God of War Ragnarok continues the father-son roadtrip on PS5

All nine realms feature in the Norse mythology brawling sequel as you head out to find Atreus' true heritage.

Miles and Peter team up to fight Venom in Spider-Man 2

Insomniac are putting TWO Spider-Men in their official sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man on PS5 in 2023.

Wolverine by Insomniac Games announced for PS5

Shnikt, that's the sound of the big man in a barfight.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands goes back to the table for D&D-style campaign

The new game from Gearbox is another round of Tiny Tina's tabletop RPG on March 25, 2022.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake for PS5 is actually happening

KOTOR is back, baby, and it's coming out on PS5 (and PC, later).

A PlayStation Showcase covering PS5 games is airing next week

Expect to see PS5 "games releasing this holiday and beyond" in the 40-minute broadcast.

PS5 beta software enables SSD support and more

You'll need to sign up for the PS5 beta program if you want to install that extra storage.

Here's how to install an M.2 SSD in your PS5 to upgrade your storage

Sony rolls out promised M.2 SSD expansion functionality in upcoming beta software update, here's everything you need to know about upgrading.

PS5 breaks 10m units sold, is fastest selling PlayStation console ever

Yet demand remains far higher than supply for the time being.