Enjoy this officially unofficial Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack before release

Carly Rez Jepsen.


Nioh 2 open beta begins November 1 on PS4

Samurai sequel Nioh 2 will run an open beta for 10 days.

Yakuza 7 moves to Yokohama with turn-based combat, out 2020

Yakuza 7 moves the series to Yokohama with RPG-style fights and a new protagonist.

Lion King and Aladdin remasters coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Two of Disney's most beloved Sega tie-ins are coming to modern consoles in a single remastered package.

Megan Fox becomes her true self in Black Desert Online trailer

The latest Black Desert Online trailer features actress Megan Fox and ties into the game's PS4 launch.

Yakuza Remastered Collection bringing Yakuza 3-5 to PS4

A PlayStation Store listing for Yakuza Remastered Collection reveals a triple-decker pack for Kiryu fans.

PS4 deals for Prime Day 2019

Want to know what PS4 consoles, PS4 games and accessories are on offer in Prime Day 2019? We've got you covered.

Sony want to buy studios to fend off Google, says president

Sony president Jim Ryan says the company is looking to acquire studios for more exclusive games.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne beta dates revealed

The latest trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne reveals beta details for PS Plus and other players.

Popular MMORPG Black Desert is coming to PS4 this year

Prepare your character-creator skills, because Black Desert is on its way to PS4.