PlayStation 5

Is the PS5 backwards compatible?

Addressing whether or not the PlayStation 5 will offer backwards compatibility.


Sony reveal new PlayStation 5 details at CES 2020

Aside from showing off a new logo, Sony confirms that PS5 will be released during the holidays.

Does the PS5 have a disc drive?

Answering the question of whether the PlayStation 5 will include a disc drive.

How much will the PS5 cost?

A price estimate for the PlayStation 5 and how it'll compete with Xbox's Project Scarlett.

PlayStation 5 launch title wishlist

Games we'd love to see as PS5 launch titles in 2020.

Sony PSVR2 headset patent reveals built-in cameras

The next PSVR headset will have multiple cameras and a 'transparent mode' according to patent documents filed by Sony.

PlayStation 5 will release at the end of 2020 with haptic feedback controller

New DualShock 5 details alongside PlayStation 5 release date revealed.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will require loot box odds to be disclosed

The Entertainment Software Association say loot box odds will need to be disclosed on new console platforms.

New PlayStation 5 details reveal how Sony plans to tackle the issues with backwards compatibility

Sony has already confirmed that the next PlayStation will have backwards compatibility, but that doesn't mean it's an easy process to implement.

PlayStation 5 revealed: Sony's next-gen console hardware details surface

Next-gen PlayStation console to feature 8-core AMD CPU, ray-tracing GPU, high-speed SSD.