Patch Notes

Valorant 2.11 patch notes promise a performance boost

Valorant's June 8 update includes a few bug fixes and boost for high-end PCs, read the full 2.11 patch notes here.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition patch fixes missing Spectre gear bug

Along with lowering the volume of those obnoxious Mass Relays.

Valorant 2.08 patch notes - April 27 update

New map Breeze is the biggest addition in the April 27 update for Valorant - read the full 2.08 patch notes here.

Valorant buffs Viper and adds HTRF in latest patch notes

Read the full Valorant 2.06 patch notes here to learn everything that's improved for Viper and Yoru mains.

Valheim patch notes - 0.147.3 update on March 2

The March 2 update to Valheim includes improvements for dedicated servers - read the full patch notes here.

Reyna nerfed and Yoru buffed in Valorant 2.03 update

Read the key Valorant 2.03 patch note changes including nerfs to Reyna and the Stinger.

Valorant update 2.0 Patch Notes - January 12

Episode 2 arrives with a brand new Valorant update - read the full 2.0 patch notes here.

Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes - November 11

All the big changes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 9.0.2 patch on November 11.

Fall Guys patch notes - November 10 update

Learn all the big changes and bug fixes in the November 10 update for Fall Guys with our patch notes!

Watch Dogs: Legion 1.05 patch notes

Find out everything that's changed in the November 5 1.05 update to Watch Dogs: Legion with our full patch notes.