Patch Notes

No Man's Sky 3.0 patch notes - Origins update

Giant sandworms and much, much more arrive in No Man's Sky's 3.0 Origins update - read the full patch notes here!


Valorant 1.08 patch notes - September 17

Wave goodbye to single-map slogs thank to Valorant's 1.08 update - read the full patch notes here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Notes

The latest patch for Microsoft Flight Sim improves the game's stability.

Valorant update 1.07 patch notes include more Sage nerfs

The latest patch notes for Valorant include nerfs for Sage and Killjoy, while Breach gets a buff - read the full 1.07 changes here.

Fall Guys Hotfix 2 out today

The latest patch for Fall Guys fixes a number of issues while also serving up some spicy Yellow Team commentary.

Fall Guys update frees us from the hell of back-to-back team games

The curse of Yellow Team is limited to one round.

Fall Guys patch notes August 13 – new levels and more added

Find out about the new Jump Showdown level in our Fall Guys patch notes for the August 13 update.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.4.1 update removes star fragment trees

Read the full patch notes for the 1.4.1 update here and wave goodbye to your gorgeous foliage.

Valorant update 1.05 patch notes

The 1.05 patch notes for Valorant detail Killyjoy's arrival, a nerf to Raze and some competitive changes for Season 2.

PUBG update 8.1 patch notes introduce the Loot Truck

PUBG Season 8 brings big changes to Sanhok. Read the full patch notes here.