Echo will be playable in Overwatch next week

Blizzard has unveiled a release date for Overwatch's newest hero, Echo.


Overwatch League cancels all March and April events

The COVID-19 cancellation wave strikes again.

Inventor builds Junkrat's RIP-Tire in real life, destroys garden fence

Have mercy.

Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch

Heroes never die... on Switch.

Officially licensed Overwatch Switch case appears on store

An officially licensed Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case was listed for sale yesterday.

Sigma is now available in Overwatch's latest update

A beefy update adds the new hero, roll queue and big balance changes.

Sigma abilities, gameplay and skins in Overwatch

Get a look at Overwatch's gravity-defying new character with our breakdown of Sigma's abilities, gameplay and skins.

Overwatch Hero #31 is Sigma, an 'eccentric astrophysicist'

The new hero for Overwatch is a broken man with an uncanny level of attraction.

Overwatch Summer Games 2019 event is now live

Get a look at the new skins and challenges from the Overwatch Summer Games 2019 event.

Overwatch adds customizable Replay feature

Celebrating it's 3-year anniversary, Overwatch has finally added the highly desired Replay feature.