Boyfriend Dungeon slices its way onto Nintendo Switch

Not only can you acquire unique weapons, you can also date them!


Axiom Verge 2 announced

Get ready for the official follow-up to one of the best indie games ever created.

Supermash lets you mash genres together to make games on Switch

Supermash will mash everything up on Nintendo Switch in May next year.

SkateBIRD coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020

Get ready for Tony Hawk: Pro Skater but with actual birds.

Dauntless releases on Nintendo Switch today with exclusive skins

Dauntless, the free-to-play Monster Hunter-like, is out now with cross-platform support.

Gleamlight announced for Switch in 2020

Explore a unique, stained glass world without the help of a UI.

Sports Story, a Golf Story sequel, comes to Nintendo Switch next year

Sports Story is an RPG sequel to Golf Story but with more things to hit with.

Nintendo hosting Indie World Showcase on December 10

Tune in for a look at some of the indie games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020!

Nintendo's Fan-Favorite Games of 2019 poll lets you pick the year's best Switch games

Pick the Most Vicious Versus or share your hype for Untitled Goose Game in the Nintendo Power Podcast Fan-Favorite Games of 2019 poll.

Cyber Deals revealed for Nintendo eShop

Save big on games from the Nintendo eShop during Black Friday 2019!