A Splatoon 3 and Harvestella Nintendo Treehouse Live is coming this week

With "a deep-dive into the all-new Splatoon 3 singe-player" and "world-first gameplay" for Harvestella.


Watch the Kirby 30th anniversary concert here

Kirby celebrated his birthday in style with a big band concert of classic tunes.

Kirby's Dream Buffet launches August 17

It's almost time for a multiplayer feast.

Sakurai's daily Smash Ultimate image posts to end this month

Picture that.

Nintendo is acquiring a dedicated CG animation studio

Rebranded to Nintendo Pictures, the studio will work on "visual content utilizing Nintendo IP."

Lego's massive Bowser set demands a high price

The Mighty Bowser is Lego's largest set in the Mario collection.

Surprise Nintendo Direct Mini arrives tomorrow

Third party games and a shorter runtime mean you shouldn't expect too much out of tomorrow's Nintendo Direct Mini.

The best trailers of today's Nintendo Indie World Direct

Plus all the release dates and demos announced for what was shown.

Everything shown at the December 2021 Indie World Direct

Every trailer and game announcement from the showcase!

Nintendo Indie World Direct where & when to watch

One final Indie World before the end of 2021.