Metal Slug Tactics delayed to 2023

In the engine room.


Kirby's Dream Buffet launches August 17

It's almost time for a multiplayer feast.

Splatoon 3 makes Splatfests 3-ways, brings back more maps

Splatoon 3 will add a new team to the Splatfest formula, old maps and new weapons when it returns this month.

Valorant 5.03 patch notes introduce sweeping Chamber nerfs

Alongside regional damage adjustments to several ultimate abilities.

New Elden Ring patch expands summons and invasions

And brings a long-requested nerf to Bloodhound Step.

New Street Fighter 6 character Kimberly revealed at EVO 2022

Along with the return of SF4's Juri Han.

MultiVersus Season 1 content revealed at EVO 2022

Arcade and Ranked modes are inbound.

Next potential Mario Kart DLC tracks datamined, Double Dash not forgotten

Music files in latest Mario Kart 8 Booster Course pass files suggest what next DLC waves have in store.

Guile's Theme goes with everything, but SF6 has a new tune

Guile's Theme in Street Fighter 6 'represents his takeoff to a new journey' as series departs from iconic tune.

Xbox Game Pass family plan to be tested in limited regions

Allowing up to four accounts to share one Game Pass membership.