Control exclusivity cost Epic Games Store 9.5 million Euros, says report

Earnings report states EGS exclusivity deal cost almost half Control's budget.


Apex Legends' shy hacker Crypto finally revealed in new trailer

After months of lurking in the shadows Crypto joins the Apex Legends crew next month.

Minecraft character creator adds hundreds of customizations

You can try the Minecraft character creator now in the beta build.

John Wick Hex gets official release date

Revisit the John Wick universe in Mike Bithell's upcoming game, John Wick Hex.

CSL celebrates massive rebranding

The world's #1 collegiate esports league is taking things to the next level.

Sony announces air date for next State of Play

Get ready for another State of Play livestream currently projected to last around 20 minutes in length.

Everything is free on Epic Games Store next week

This title is not a lie. Also Metro 2033 Redux.

Sirfetch'd revealed as a Pokemon Sword exclusive

Another reason to pre-order Pokemon Sword, not Shield.

Call of Duty: Mobile release date revealed

You can work on your Call of Duty skills on-the-go starting this October.

Crypto makes his first appearance in Apex Legends

The next Apex Legends DLC character has finally appeared in-game, but you'll need to be quick if you want a look at him.