Netflix acquires Oxenfree developer Night School Studio

Oxenfree 2 will remain in development.


Every Netflix video game series and movie announced or available

There's plenty more in store for video game fans on Netflix.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Netflix series arrives in July

A new trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness reveals a zombie cover-up for Leon and Claire to unmask.

Dino Meneghin on delivering Dota: Dragon's Blood's unconventional fantasy score

'I think there's dragons, he said something about elf sex. I don't know – it sounds cool!'

Netflix signs streaming deal for the Uncharted movie and Sony's other upcoming films

Starting in 2022, Sony's films will come to Netflix after their theatrical runs.

Dota 2 anime coming to Netflix next month starring Dragon Knight and Mirana

Dota: Dragon's Blood comes to Netflix on March 25 in collaboration with Valve and Korra animators Studio MIR.

Sonic the Hedgehog Netflix series to arrive in 2022

The blue buffer.

A Tomb Raider anime is on its way to Netflix

The Nextflix anime will follow on from Lara's journeys in the rebooted video game series.

Netflix drops trailer for Dragon's Dogma anime

They're masterworks all, you can't go wrong!

Splinter Cell Netflix anime in the works from John Wick writer

Splinter Cell anime reportedly underway at Netflix with John Wick writer Derek Kolstad attached.