Rich Brian explores Animal Crossing's museum, Minecraft, and more with love up in his pocket

Blathers won't let us hear the end of this.


American Football, Anamanaguchi headline music festival in Minecraft this weekend

Baths and HANA will also perform at Nether Meant, a music festival held in a Minecraft server to raise money for COVID-19 relief.

Game of the Decade: Minecraft

No other game this decade has been as influential, or ground-breaking, as the indie miner.

Minecraft character creator adds hundreds of customizations

You can try the Minecraft character creator now in the beta build.

RTX support sheds light on Minecraft ray tracing

It's no Super Duper Graphics pack but we can still get ray tracing in Minecraft thanks to RTX.

Minecraft Super Duper graphics pack cancelled for being 'too technically demanding'

New look for Minecraft unveiled at E3 has ceased development after failing to hit performance goals.

Toy Story Minecraft crossover is now live

With Toy Story 4 hype being very real, it was inevitable before it crash landed into the world of Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons bringing 4-player Diablo-like in Spring 2020

Minecraft Dungeons is Mojang's next game, revealed at E3 2019.

Microsoft and Nintendo team up in new Minecraft cross-play ad

The ad for Minecraft cross-play between Microsoft and Nintendo is more bad press for Sony.

Indie or Not: Finding Success Within the Industry

Dissecting the meaning of indie and whether success strips a game of its indie credentials.