Card Shark is a Switch game about cheating at cards and avoiding getting shot

The full deal arrives 2021.


Untitled Goose Game co-op mode coming free this September

Two-player honking coming to Untitled Goose Game co-op mode on Nintendo Switch this September.

Hades coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall

Will feature cross-saves with the PC version.

Spiritfarer out on Switch later today

Indie management game Spiritfarer about helping spirits to the afterlife gets surprise drop on Switch.

6 ways Mortal Shell shakes up the Dark Souls formula

The carapace may be the same, but a look inside reveals some big differences with Mortal Shell.

We're getting an Animal Farm video game later this year

The video game is based off of George Orwell's timeless novella, Animal Farm.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase bringing 20 minutes of fun tomorrow

Short indie-focused Nintendo showcase to give the lowdown on upcoming games on August 18.

Rushdown Revolt looks like Super Smash Bros mixed with Marvel vs. Capcom

A revival of Icons: Combat Area, Rushdown Revolt hopes to secure its place in the platform-fighter arena.

Mortal Shell gets October 2 physical release

The boxed version of Mortal Shell includes a fold-out poster and an art book.

Narrative indie adventure Over The Alps comes to Switch this month

I spy an indie hit.