Hades now available on Steam

You can now play the hellishly fun rogue-like Hades from developer Supergiant on Steam.


Hades coming to Steam Early Access

Supergiant Games will release their latest title, Hades, to Steam Early Access this December.

Supergiant's Greg Kasavin on the future of Hades and planning 2018's best-kept secret

Greg Kasavin on writing a neverending story, creating new biomes, and keeping Hades secret for a full year.

Chaos Update for Hades now available

Find out what Supergiant has added to Hades in the latest Early Access update.

Hades - Early Access Review

The latest title from Supergiant blends elements from previous games to create a truly engaging roguelite title.

What do the door symbols mean in Hades?

Find out what each door symbol means in Hades.

How to get all Keepsakes in Hades

Find out how to get all Keepsakes and what each Keepsake does in Hades.

How to unlock new weapons in Hades

Learn how to unlock new weapons by exploring the Underworld of Hades.

How to upgrade attributes in Hades

Visit the Mirror of Night to upgrade various attributes and skills in Hades.

What happens when you die in Hades?

Death in Hades is inevitable, and can be beneficial as it gives you the chance to upgrade skills and unlock new weapons.