How to climb in Temtem

Climbing gear is required to scale some surfaces in Temtem, but right now you can't climb in the Early Access release.


How to add friends and play co-op in Temtem

Learn how to play with friends in TemTem so you can team up in co-op to tackle tamers together!

How to save in Temtem

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How to reset and start new game in Temtem

A quick little redo is available should you need to start over in Temtem.

How to get a surfboard in Temtem

Take to the waves by learning how to get a surfboard in Temtem so you can surf to sidequests and beyond.

All Temtem in Temtem's Early Access release

A complete Temtem list, detailing all Temtem we know of so far in the Early Access launch.

How to heal in Temtem

The best way to replenish your Temtem's HP in Temtem.

How to capture a Temtem

The basics of capturing different Temtem in Temtem.

What starter is strong against Max in Temtem?

Find out which starter is best suited to win against Max's Temtem!

Why are Temtem's servers at capacity?

If you're having trouble getting in and playing Temtem, you're not alone. Here's why!