Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fall Guys' latest update makes Slime Climb even harder

The toughest level in Fall Guys just got a whole lot meaner.

Fall Guys Big Yeetus update patch notes hammer down on cheaters too

The Fall Guys Big Yeetus patch notes bring more fixes and fun in the mid-season update.

Big Yeetus is about to ruin (or make) your day in Fall Guys

Big Yeetus is not your friend. Big Yeetus is not your enemy.

These Fall Guys music covers are guaranteed to deliver a smile

Get Jelly bean beats in your ears with these excellent Fall Guys soundtrack covers.

Aim Lab hosting Fall Guys outfit design contest

Help Aim Lab create the perfect Fall Guys outfit and win some money for your trouble.

Fall Guys Battle of the Brands raises $1 million for Special Effect

The winning charity bid came courtesy of G2 Esports, Aim Lab, MrBeast, and Ninja.

Fall Guys Season Two features medieval costumes

Dragons, knights, wizards, oh my!

Fall Guys Hotfix 2 out today

The latest patch for Fall Guys fixes a number of issues while also serving up some spicy Yellow Team commentary.

You can now play Fall Guys in Dungeons and Dragons

Do dragons even like jelly beans?