Cloud9 goes public with latest CS:GO pro deal

Ever wondered how much a top CS:GO pro earns?


Stellar Super Smash Bros. alternatives for PC gamers

No Fox, no Final Destination.

Valorant update 1.07 patch notes include more Sage nerfs

The latest patch notes for Valorant include nerfs for Sage and Killjoy, while Breach gets a buff - read the full 1.07 changes here.

TSM signs chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura

Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura has exploded in popularity on Twitch since the beginning of the year.

The summer camp for gamers that found COVID's silver lining by staying home

As COVID-19 shuts down summer camps across the nation, The Game Gym finds a way to expand its community by playing from home.

Cloud9 faces their toughest teamwork test of all: building furniture

Cloud9's LoL Academy team faced their greatest challenge yet: building flatpack furniture over voice comms.

$10k Fortnite tournament aims to get gamers registered to vote

InvitationATL is hosting a $10,000 Fortnite tournament today to get out the word to register to vote.

Gucci X Fnatic collab on a $1500 dive watch, limited to 100 pieces

Today's Gucci X Fnatic collab drop might be a bit pricey for the average esports fan.

PandaGlobal is making a GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros.

19 years after Melee's release.

Gucci X Fnatic collab brings high fashion label to esports

The real Gucci gang rise up.