EVO 2022 winners and top 8 results

The Evo 2022 top 8 results for every game including Guilty Gear Strive, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and MultiVersus.


Project L, Riot's upcoming fighting game, will be free to play

'We promise to be respectful of both your time and your wallet.'

What to watch at EVO 2022

The EVO 2022 games you should be watching this weekend.

FPX win Valorant Masters Copenhagen

An impressive lower-bracket recovery crowns the EMEA squad as victors.

MultiVersus' infamous Taz spin attack is giving players Meta Knight flashbacks

The Tasmanian devil is causing more than just Smash players to spiral, but change may be on the way.

DarkZero win ALGS Championship 2022 in tense final day

The Australian trio claimed victory this weekend to secure back-to-back championships.

Check out more MultiVersus with the second pro players showcase

Velma and Shaggy take on the deadly team of Superman with Tom & Jerry in the next MultiVersus pro player showcase.

Panda Cup is the first NA Smash Bros. circuit officially licensed by Nintendo

But Nintendo won't sponsor the prize pool.

Optic Gaming claim victory at Valorant Masters Reykjavík 2022

Returning for revenge against Brazilian rivals Loud in the grand final.

Valorant Masters Reykjavik qualifiers bring new teams to the fore

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine affects EMEA team attendance.