League of Legends Season 10 cinematic kicks off epic new decade

LoL's season 10 cinematic reimagines Warriors for the new decade.


Nintendo president explains why they won't contribute esports prize money

Nintendo's president Furukawa claims inclusivity is a higher priority than large prize money for esports.

Asus' 360Hz gaming monitor is no longer just an April Fools' joke

Asus and Nvidia have unveiled a 360Hz gaming monitor at CES 2020, but this time it's real.

Compete in the HyperX Esports Lounge sponsored by Shacknews

If you live in the Las Vegas area and have free time set aside in early January, you can win cool prizes by competing in esports tournaments hosted by HyperX and sponsored by Shacknews!

The defining esports moments of the decade

From incredible clutches to underhand tactics, these are our picks for the most memorable esports moments of the decade.

Puma launches Active Gaming Footwear to eliminate sweaty gamer feet

The Puma gaming footwear is a 'sock-like shoe' made for home and arena use.

Seth returns in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

The warrior with the Tanden Engine has transitioned to a new body for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

The Game Awards esports winners 2019: All the results

The Game Awards esports winners 2019 have been announced, here are the best in the world!

Pro tennis star Taylor Fritz invests in Rogue parent company

Fritz joins baseball, basketball and football pros investing in the billion-dollar esports industry with ReKTGlobal.

Streamers: Pro at games, noob at life

Some of the biggest streamers in the world couldn't make breakfast between them.