YouTuber Keemstar to open KeemPark, 'a place for creators and fans to create, play and grow.'

Starting with Warzone Wednesday tournaments from this week onwards.


#GamersVsCOVID19 and the battle to fight misinformation

In this time of crisis a band of gamers has helped start a movement to get gamers on-side in the fight against coronavirus.

Shack Smash Tournament Series brings $20k Ultimate Invitational to SXSW 2020

Update: the Shack Smash Tournament has been postponed following COVID-19 coronavirus concerns.

Overwatch League cancels all March and April events

The COVID-19 cancellation wave strikes again.

Former CS:GO pro Brax joins T1 ahead of Valorant's launch

Valorant esports might have an explosive start, as T1 announces CS:GO pro Brax will be competing for them.

Esports pros react to Valorant's reveal

Valorant could well be the next big game on the competitive block, but what do the professionals think?

All characters, abilities and ultimates in Valorant

Learn about the Valorant characters so you can master the abilities and ultimate powers they bring to the FPS table.

First official Valorant gameplay trailer drops online

The first Valorant gameplay gives us a look at a full round of action.

Coronavirus takes aim at esports tournaments around the world

Several esports tournaments have been cancelled or affected by the global coronavirus outbreak.

T1 picks up MKLeo, Smash Ultimate World #1

Following his departure from Echo Fox, Leo joins Anti to bolster T1's Smash Ultimate arsenal.