Rogue charity stream raises almost $9,000 for children's hospital

Rogue's stream team raised $8,709 over the weekend in the St. Jude's Esports Classic.


Gears 5 tournament coming to Houston Topgolf

Topgolf is putting its new esports lounge to the test with an exciting Gears 5 tournament.

Leffen wins DreamHack Winter 2019, considers quitting competitive Smash Ultimate

The Swedish Smash star took home the trophy at DreamHack Winter, but he remains discontented with Ultimate.

Jeskla talks football, fashion and the best places to grab a bite between games of League

The second entry in the LoL ExCel documentary series gives us a closer look at Jesper 'Jeskla' Klarin, and we had the chance to quiz him further.

Extra Life interview: how esports communities offer new avenues for charity fundraising

'Esports focused fundraisers are opening a whole new world of fundraising tactics.'

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Check out our Smash Ultimate Tier List to find out Smash Bros Ultimate's best characters, and if you're the mean-spirited type, the worst as well.

ReKT and London Royal Ravens celebrate at Topgolf Charlotte

Esports powerhouse ReKT and the London Royal Ravens celebrate in the new esports lounge at Topgolf Charlotte.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is now old enough to drink (in the UK)

18 years old today, Super Smash Bros. Melee is still living life large as a competitive game.

All categories and nominees for The Game Awards 2019

Control and Death Stranding scoop several nominations but there are plenty of other contenders in the nominees for The Game Awards 2019!

Study finds esports players endure equal stress to pro athletes

Esports pros face similar stress levels to soccer and rugby stars, says university study.