T1 picks up MKLeo, Smash Ultimate World #1

Following his departure from Echo Fox, Leo joins Anti to bolster T1's Smash Ultimate arsenal.


Shack Smash Tournament Series brings $20k Ultimate Invitational to SXSW 2020

Shacknews is hosting a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament at SXSW 2020 featuring sixteen pro players and a $20k prize pool!

MKLeo wins Frostbite 2020 with Byleth

MKLeo's Byleth certainly wasn't joking around after a gruelling path to the final.

Flashpoint is the first team-owned league for CS:GO

Aiming to create a more sustainable format for teams and players.

Hungrybox wins Smash Summit 9, calls for Nintendo to support Smash events

'I love you guys but you are the only ones not putting in resources to the scene.'

BroadcastHER Challenge aims to make women's esports dreams a reality

The BroadcastHER Academy Challenge has $10,000 to fund the next wave of women in esports.

8 League of Legends pros destined to have a good Year of the Rat

We use the ancient art of Chinese astrology to discover which LoL players are going to have a good season in the Year of the Rat.

Shacknews to host $20k Smash Ultimate invitational tournament

Kicking off the Shack Smash Tournament Series at SXSW 2020 in March.

EVO 2020 games line-up

Marvel vs Capcom 2 returns, while MK11 is dropped from competition in EVO 2020's games line-up.

MKLeo's tier list for Smash Ultimate 7.0 is here

The best Smash Ultimate player has unveiled his rankings in Smash Ultimate version 7.0, but MKLeo's tier list may not be what you expect.