Epic Games

Fortnite v11.11 patch delayed

Epic Games has put the release of the v11.11 patch for Fortnite on hold.


Harpoon Gun added to Fortnite

Get ready for some extreme fishing in Fortnite with the arrival of the Harpoon Gun.

Fortnite Chapter 2 map revealed with plenty of water

Fortnite Chapter 2 map features several islands, lakes, rivers and a mysterious glowy bit.

Fortnite black hole Konami code secret hides a shmup mini game

The Fortnite black hole Konami code game is a cool secret to get you through the long wait.

Fortnite black hole numbers tease when the game may return

Black hole numbers hint at what's going on with Fortnite.

Fortnite's mechs are exploding on touchdown, fans rejoice

Have the #removethemech pleas been heard?

Epic adding bots to Fortnite

It will be easier for new players to build up their skill level in Fortnite.

Control exclusivity cost Epic Games Store 9.5 million Euros, says report

Earnings report states EGS exclusivity deal cost almost half Control's budget.

The B.R.U.T.E mech will stay in Fortnite, Epic explains

Epic Games has explained their design philosophy after refusing to #RemoveTheMech from Fortnite.

Epic pulls 'lazily re-skinned' Fortnite pet from sale, offers refunds

Epic Games apologized for selling the re-skin of a season 6 Battle Pass exclusive pet.