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Metal Wolf Chaos XD release date revealed by store listing

Metal Wolf Chaos XD release date appears on the Microsoft Store and now in a trailer.


E3 2019: Fall Guys interview explains the game's unique take on battle royale

Fall Guys is different from any other battle royale on the market thanks to its colorful graphics and non-violent gameplay.

Devolver Digital unveils new Lootboxcoin

The "lootboxcoin" is a hilarious take on loot boxes and cryptocurrency.

Devolver apologizes in advance for this year's E3 press conference

They're looking to outdo last year's Big Fancy Press Conference.

The Swords of Ditto Debuts on PS4 and PC in April

Embark on Zelda-like adventures and create your legacy in The Swords of Ditto next month.

Crossing Souls Available Now on PC and PS4

Tap into your inner 80s kid with Crossing Souls.

Devolver Digital Steam Sale Discounts Several Indie Games

Get Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, and more on the cheap.

Enter the Gungeon Switch Sales Exceed Developer Expectations

The indie dungeon crawler managed to sell over 75,000 copies in two weeks. 

GOG Winter Sale Now Live, Get Grim Fandango Remastered Free

You can get a free copy of Grim Fandango Remastered for a limited time during GOG's Winter Sale.

Ruiner's 'Savage Update' Adds New Game+ Mode

The latest Ruiner update will introduce new weapons, outfits, and even a speedrun mode.