Dead by Daylight

Wesker and Ada Wong to join Dead by Daylight in new Resident Evil chapter

The two stars are joined by Rebecca Chambers in the Dead by Daylight Resident Evil: Project W chapter.


Dead by Daylight: The Board Game's Kickstarter is now live

The Collector's Edition comes with miniature hooks for your friends.

The Ring's Sadako is coming to Dead by Daylight

She'll be taking lives in far less than a week here, though.

Dead by Daylight's next chapter brings a murder of crows

A Portrait of a Murder's feathered new Killer is called The Artist, and they want you to join their flock.

The best scary games to play with your friends

Looking to get spooked? These are the best multiplayer horror games you can play with mates in 2021.

Dead By Daylight bids farewell to Stranger Things, waves hello to Hellraiser

Update: Hellraiser's Pinhead joins Dead By Daylight's cast of Killers.

Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary codes

The 5th Anniversary codes for Dead by Daylight will unlock free charms, outfits, and more.

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Killer/Survivor perks and powers

Learn Nemesis, Leon, and Jill's perks in Dead By Daylight's new Resident Evil pack.

Resident Evil's Nemesis joins Dead By Daylight alongside Jill and Leon

Unleash an army of zombies as Dead By Daylight's latest (and largest) Killer.

Dead By Daylight is delving into the backstory of Left 4 Dead's Bill

A new Tome for the Archives will explore the origins of the zombie outbreak.