Cutting Edge

VR Doctor Who game The Edge of Time arrives this November

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will lets fans enjoy the delights of Daleks, Weeping Angels and more in a 'feature-length' VR game.


Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific to be revealed this week

Chapter 5: War in the Pacific brings new modes and maps, with a reveal on Wednesday, October 23.

Luigi's Mansion 3 crossover coming to Tetris 99

The next theme for Tetris 99 brings a dash of spooks and a sprinkle of goo with a Luigi's Mansion 3 crossover.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare drops loot boxes for battle passes

New maps and modes will also arrive free to all players post-launch.

General RAAM joins Gears 5 with four new characters today

The COGs' old foe is back in Gears 5's latest update, available to play in Arcade, PvE and competitive multiplayer.

How to get all Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves

Secure each Flame of Fate in Sea of Thieves by offering yourself up to several frightful ends.

Sea of Thieves's Fort of the Damned update brings a ghoulish new challenge

Collect Ritual Skulls and collected the Flames of Fate if you dare to enter the Fort of the Damned in Sea of Thieves.

Google Stadia: Launch date, features, and how game streaming works

New Game streaming service from Google lets you instantly play without download and pick up and go on any device.

Utah Jazz's Rudy Gobert invests in ReKTGlobal

A slam dunk for ReKT.

Everything you missed in the World's Edge trailer for Apex Legends

Season 3 will see the launch of a new map in Apex Legends called World's Edge featuring some iconic new locations.