There's a bootleg Mario on some US Navy medallions

These challenge coins appear to be adapted from fanart of Mario.


Fortnite World Cup champ teams up with JuJu for Streamer Bowl

The Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl will see NFL pros and streamers duke it out for $500,000 to charity.

Destiny T-shirt charity sale to aid Australian bushfire relief

Bungie joins the effort to raise funds for Australia's disaster relief efforts.

Ninja outfit finally added to Fortnite as Epic launch Icon Series

The Fortnite Icon Series brings a Ninja outfit to the game, along with several other top creators.

Australian indies run charity auction to support firefighters

Everything from signed game cases to art commissions is being sold to the highest bidder this week to help out bushfire recovery.

Epic Games Store has hauled in a whopping $680m to date

With over 108 million customers, EGS is serving up series competition on PC.

Super Nintendo World trailer reveals tech-enhanced theme park

Super Nintendo World will open in Osaka's Universal Studios before the 2020 Olympics.

Streamer exclusivity is turning the internet into cable TV

Streamers signing contracts with platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer are creating more channels to watch.

Gamers have discovered the player model for BioShock and are not happy

A shock to the system.

League of Legends Season 10 cinematic kicks off epic new decade

LoL's season 10 cinematic reimagines Warriors for the new decade.