Nintendo donates 9,500 face masks to American emergency workers

Nintendo of America is helping out local fire and rescue services with a drop of scarce masks.


PlayStation download speeds cut across Europe as internet usage spikes

Sony have announced reduced download speeds on PlayStation as Europe goes on lockdown.

#GamersVsCOVID19 and the battle to fight misinformation

In this time of crisis a band of gamers has helped start a movement to get gamers on-side in the fight against coronavirus.

Soundcloud partners with Twitch to put musicians back in front of fans

Soundcloud and Twitch are helping musicians put on live shows for fans during coronavirus lockdown.

The best older games to revisit when stuck inside

While some people are cooped up inside with new games, you don't have to break the bank to stay sane.

How to use your gaming rig to help in the fight against COVID-19

Folding@home uses your gaming PC's idle time to map out the coronavirus currently spreading around the world.

Tips on keeping your gaming gear virus-free from pro cleaners

More than one kind of virus can infect your gaming hardware, here's how to keep your gear clean.

Discord cures coronavirus isolation woes with bigger screenshare parties

Discord will increase screenshare group limits from 10 to 50 people to gather more people together in trying times.

The ESA is considering an 'online experience' to replace E3 2020

Following its cancellation over COVID-19 safety concerns, E3 may yet be going online this year.

It's official, E3 2020 is cancelled

The most famous gaming show of the year closes due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus.