Composer's Choice

Composer's Choice: Alex Moukala's favorite soundtrack

The king of funky remixes takes us on a tour of fantasy delights for our ears.


Composer's Choice: Austin Wintory's favorite soundtrack

It may be grim, but you'll struggle not to dance.

Composer's Choice: Wilbert Roget, II's favorite soundtrack

Honoring a Squaresoft tale that deserves to be remembered.

Composer's Choice: Megan McDuffee's favorite soundtrack

This is one OST that's certainly got wings.

Composer's Choice: Jukio Kallio's favorite soundtrack

While he's not a fan of 'absolute favorites', the Minit composer has one soundtrack he reckons is an all-time great.

Composer's Choice: Grant Kirkhope's favorite soundtrack

A legendary soundtrack from the past.

Composer's Choice: Darren Korb's favorite soundtrack

Try not to lose your marbles while listening.