About Us

AllGamers is for everyone. Here we believe that all of us love games, no matter what we're playing or how we're playing it. You on the subway, nailing that satisfying Bejeweled combo: you love games. You, at the back of the bus, showing the person next to you how to play Mario Kart on the Switch: you love games so much you're making other people love games. You there, about to finish a seventh armorless onebro run: you very clearly love games. You might love them too much. But we're not here to judge that, we're just here to get you everything you want to know about the games you love.

Retro games for the archivists, and the new generation just discovering them. Indie games for the experimental frontiers of the industry we love. And, of course, the best Cutting Edge AAA adventures that are pushing the boundaries of just how lifelike you can make a body to stuff Nolan North's voice into.

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Welcome to the fam, fam.