Suicide Squad game to be revealed later this month

Rocksteady Studios are ready to reveal their Suicide Squad game at DC FanDome later in August.


The best Madden 21 players compared to their NFL top 100 placing

Player ratings can be at odds with the real world, but how far off do the NFL think they are? And who are the most undervalued players in Madden 21?

Online multiplayer is free on Xbox One this weekend with free games to boot

Xbox's Big Gaming Weekend gives everyone free access to multiplayer, as well as 10 games like Gears 5 and Modern Warfare.

Second Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire shows off weapons, lifepaths next week

Lifepaths, weapons and more background lore revealed in Cyberpunk 2077's Night City Wire on Monday.

Ninja returns to streaming on Twitch, after original YouTube comeback

Ninja streamed on Twitch last night, for the first time since his somewhat acrimonious split from the platform to join Mixer.

Halo Infinite as a Nintendo 64 game looks like our childhood dreams come true

A re-imagining of Xbox Series X frontrunner Halo Infinite as a Nintendo 64 demake is pitch perfect.

Cloud9 faces their toughest teamwork test of all: building furniture

Cloud9's LoL Academy team faced their greatest challenge yet: building flatpack furniture over voice comms.

Fall Guys climbs through 1.5m new players in first 24 hours despite server struggles

Mediatonic continues to grapple with Fall Guys server issues as 1.5 million players pile into madcap battle royale.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds cloud gaming to Android mobiles with official peripherals

Xbox Cloud gaming arrives on Android devices this September, with official controllers to avoid on-screen joysticks.

This week's hottest gaming deals - August 3

The hottest gaming deals of the week beginning August 3, with summer sales galore.