How to change name in Valorant

Regret your past decisions? Not to worry, it's possible to change names in Valorant and pretend you were never associated with something so gauche.

Okay xXGameSlay3RXx, so you want to change your name in Valorant. We get you. Maybe you created a Riot account name when you were a young teenager, or maybe you didn’t think your choices through to clearly. Either way, for those of us embarrassed by our past decisions, a swift name change is on the cards. Thankfully, so long as you don’t mind swapping it for all your Riot games, it isn’t too tough to change name in Valorant.

How to change name in Valorant

How to change name in Valorant
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To change name in Valorant, you need to adjust it on your Riot account. To do that, start by logging in to the Riot website here using the same details you use on Valorant. You may need to enter a code sent to your email when doing this. Once logged in, click the Riot ID button to be shown a page with your ID, which should match your Valorant name.

If possible, you’ll be able to change name in Valorant and other Riot Games releases on this page by clicking the pencil icon. However, if you’ve only recently created your Riot account, you’ll find that you need to wait a month before making any change to your Riot ID. That’s bad news for LadieSlaya69, but we’re pretty sure that they can suffer mild embarrassment for a month at least. Check the text under your ID to see how long left you need to wait. Once that time is up, you should be able to change your name.

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Now that you know how to change name in Valorant, you can get back into the action without your team laughing every time your name pops up in the killfeed. For more Valorant content, click here to visit our game hub.

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