I Am Dead for Nintendo Switch is surprisingly lighthearted

Death is anything but scary in I Am Dead.

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase offered a look at some exciting new indies including I Am Dead from developer Hollow Ponds and publisher Annapurna Interactive. Looking at the trailer and gameplay, it’s surprising to learn the game features characters who are deceased. That said, the game IS called “I Am Dead” so maybe it isn’t that surprising.

I Am Dead for Nintendo Switch is surprisingly lighthearted

I Am Dead for Nintendo Switch is surprisingly lighthearted
I Am Dead is a new puzzle game coming to Nintendo Switch with cute characters and a bright, cheerful aesthetic.
© Hollow Ponds

I Am Dead is part adventure, and part puzzle game. In it, you play as Morris Lupton who is – you guessed it – dead. After passing away, Morris reunites with his equally dead dog Sparky and work to save their island town of Shelmerston and everyone in it from impending doom.

You’ll have plenty of mysteries to solve in I Am Dead as you try and recruit other ghosts to your team, and you’ll learn a lot about the world you inhabit. Well, inhabited, you technically aren’t there in physical form. Ok, enough with the ghost jokes, we get it.

Looking at the trailer, I Am Dead seems like it’ll be a wonderfully lighthearted romp through the afterlife and we’re excited to learn more about the game this year. Until then, I Am Dead is “coming soon” in 2020, though no set release date has been announced.

For updates on I Am Dead, be sure to follow developer Hollow Ponds on Twitter as well as publisher Annapurna Interactive. After seeing the trailer for I Am Dead, what are your thoughts? Do you like the colorful aesthetic, or are you more interested in the puzzles and the island mysteries you can solve? Let us know in the comments below!

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