How to save in Nioh 2

Keep track of all your progress by learning how to save in Nioh 2.

As people start diving into Nioh 2, questions about the basics crop up like how long the game is and how to save your progress. On that last one in particular, saving in Nioh 2 is extra important as the game is both lengthy and difficult. To help ensure your game tracks properly, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to save in Nioh 2.

How to save in Nioh 2

How to save in Nioh 2
Nioh 2 offers both an autosave feature and ways to manually save.
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In Nioh 2, the game saves in two different ways, through automatic saves and manual saves. Addressing the autosave first, Nioh 2 will automatically save and track your progress as you play. That way, if something gets disconnected and you’re unable to manually save, you can jump back in from the last autosave point.

Nioh 2 autosaves relatively often as you work your way through the campaign. That said, it makes sense that you may want to manually save to be doubly sure you won’t lose progress. To manually save, you have a few options available to you. If you’re actively playing the game, you’ll stumble across Shrines.

By praying and interacting with Shrines in Nioh 2, you’ll manually save the game. Can’t find a Shrine? No problem. You can also manually save by opening your map and pressing Triangle. With all of these methods, you should have no trouble saving the game and tracking all of your progress in Nioh 2.

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