E3 2020 will not be postponed over COVID-19

According to a statement made by the ESA, E3 2020 plans remain unchanged.

Following Sony’s infamous PAX East cancellation due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, and news that the Game Developers Conference (GDC) has been postponed for similar reasons, gamers have kept a close eye on news regarding E3 2020.

Scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, CA from June 9 through June 11 this year, many have predicted a similar response. However, the ESA recently released a statement that as of right now, that is not the case.

E3 2020 will not be postponed over COVID-19

E3 2020 will not be postponed over COVID-19
Despite growing concerns over COVID-19, the ESA has no plans as of right now to cancel or postpone E3 2020.
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Speaking with IGN, the ESA confirmed that as of right now, E3 will continue as planned. The event has not been postponed like the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Not yet, anyway. In the statement made by the ESA, they confirm that they’re following the situation closely. “We will continue to be vigilant as our first priority is health, wellness, and safety of all of our exhibitors and attendees.”

The ESA goes on to explain, “Given what we know at this time, we are moving ahead full speed with E3 2020 planning. Exhibit and registration sales are on track for an exciting show in June.”

While we can understand E3 is several months away still, the rising cases of COVID-19 have left many concerned. At PAX East this year, numerous attendees were spotted wearing masks while employees worked diligently to regularly sanitize every possible surface. It was a sobering sight and hammered home the seriousness of COVID-19.

Even with a relatively low death rate, COVID-19 is far deadlier than your average flu, and poses a significant risk to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. It can also turn into a serious situation that requires a hospital stay, even in people who are otherwise young and healthy.

As such, containment and prevention has become a top priority at events where thousands of people from all over the world gather in tight, crowded spaces. We’ll be keeping an eye on news and updates from the ESA regarding E3 2020, as it’s still possible they may decide to postpone or cancel the event, especially if numerous exhibitors pull out like they did with this year’s GDC.

If the event continues and you’re interested in attending, the best way to avoid infection as it stands is by washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face as much as humanly possible.

Thousands of people gather at E3 every year. With COVID-19 circulating, attending an event like this may not be the best idea.
Thousands of people gather at E3 every year. With COVID-19 circulating, attending an event like this may not be the best idea.
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After hearing that E3 2020 is continuing as planned regardless of increased concerns over COVID-19, what are your thoughts? Do you still plan to attend E3, or do you think the ESA may end up cancelling it as COVID-19 cases rise in the US? Comment below!

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