All characters, abilities and ultimates in Valorant

Learn about the Valorant characters so you can master the abilities and ultimate powers they bring to the FPS table.

Riot’s competitively focussed FPS Valorant blends the precise and deadly gunplay of Counter-Strike with the characters and powers of Overwatch. Mastering weapons will be one thing, but you’ll also need to understand the Valorant character and their powers too if you want to succeed. To help you get a head start before the game launches, we’ve put together a guide on the Valorant characters and the abilities and ultimate they bring to the table.

All characters, abilities and ultimates in Valorant

All characters abilities and ultimates in valorant
© Riot Games

Each Valorant character has four abilities, but you won’t necessarily have access to them each round. Unlike Overwatch, some abilities in Valorant need to be purchased each round, similar to equipment such as weapons. Here’s how the breakdown works:

  • Main ability: Available to use each round. How much or how often depends on the character.
  • Ultimate ability: Available only when charged through kills and completing objectives. Typically takes several rounds to charge.
  • Extra ability 1: Purchasable each round.
  • Extra ability 2: Purchasable each round.

With that explanation out of the way, here’s a breakdown for the powers each of the characters we know about so far in Valorant.


A commanding support character who can drop incendiary, smoke and damaging strikes from the sky.


  • Main: Sky Smoke - Call down orbital smokescreens from the map, directly picking locations to block vision.
  • Ultimate: Orbital Strike - Call down a deadly orbital strike on a location chosen on your map. The strike lands repeatedly, dealing damage over a few seconds.
  • Extra 1: Incendiary - Fires an incendiary grenade which explodes in a ring of fire.
  • Extra 2: Stime Beacon - Calles down a Stim Beacon at a nearby location, increasing the rate of fire of all nearby players.


Valorant characters abilities cypher
© Riot Games

A surveillance expert, Cypher tracks any movements from afar and uses traps to delay their movement.


  • Main: Spycam - Places a camera which can be activated to allow remote viewing. Left click while controlling the camera to fire a dart which tracks enemies hit. Ability recharges when destroyed or picked up by Cypher.
  • Ultimate: Neural Theft - Scans a dead enemy to reveal the locations of all of their allies.
  • Extra 1: Trapwire - Places a stealthed wire between two walls. Enemies which trigger it are revealed to allies and restrained for a short duration. If the trap is not destroyed in this time it will daze the trapped victim. Traps can be picked up and replaced by Cypher.
  • Extra 2: Cyber Cage - Place a remote trap. Activating it creates a cage that slows all enemies who pass through it. Individual traps can be activated by looking at them and pressing the activate key, or the whole set can be activated by holding the activate key.


All Abilities in Valorant Jett
© Riot Games

An agile, roguelike fighter with extraordinary movement and a deadly ultimate.


  • Main: Tailwind - Rapidly dashes a short distance in the direction you’re moving.
  • Ultimate: Blade Storms - Equips several floating knives which can be thrown at enemies. Left click fires one knife, while right click launches them all in a short-range attack. Knives kill with headshots and deal damage to the body. Landing one kill restores the full set of knives.
  • Extra 1: Cloudburst - Throws a cloud ball of fog that blocks vision on impact. Change the trajectory by holding the button down.
  • Extra 2: Updraft - Charges up then launches you into the air with a gust of wind.


A stealthy assassin, Omen can blind enemies and teleport across the map to take them by surprise.


  • Main: Dark Cover - Launches a stealthed orb which explodes into an obscuring field at its end. The distance thrown can be charged up. 
  • Ultimate: From the Shadows - Select a location on your map an teleport there, forming initially as a Shade that can be destroyed. If killed as a Shade you will reform at the original location, cancelling the teleport. Once fully teleported, Omen becomes Incorporeal for a brief duration, unable to be shot.
  • Extra 1: Paranoia - Fires a shadow forwards, blinding anyone hit for a short while.
  • Extra 2: Shadow Walk - Teleports you a short distance after a brief delay.


Valorant phoenix abilities
© Riot Games

A hot headed (and handed) fighter who can control fire to daze or damage enemies.


  • Main: Curveball - Launches a controllable, curving flare which explodes like a flashbang, blinding anyone who looks at it.
  • Ultimate: Run it Back - Marks your current location an starts a short timer. At the end of the timer or if you die during it, you will be respawned at full health at the marked location.
  • Extra 1: Hot Hands - Throws a fireball which explodes after a short delay or if it impacts a surface. The explosion damages enemies and heals you.
  • Extra 2: Blaze - Unleashes a wall of fire which damages enemies and blocks vision. The wall can be curved by holding left click and turning.


Valorant characters Sage abilities
© Riot Games, Slasher

Sage is a medic style character who can heal, revive fallen allies and repel enemy attacks.


  • Main: Healing Orb - An orb which heals you or an ally over a few seconds.
  • Ultimate: Resurrection - Revives a fallen ally to full health after a short delay.
  • Extra 1: Slow Orb - Fire out an orb which creates a slowing field when it impacts on the ground. Everyone within the field is slowed, grounded and makes a lot of noise while moving.
  • Extra: 2: Barrier Orb - Created a large, impenetrable wall to block movement.


All Characters in Valorant sova

© Riot Games

Sova is a tracker who hunts down his foes relentlessly. An excellent scouter, he excels at uncovering the enemy locations.


  • Main: Recon Bolt - Fires an arrow bolt which pings its surroundings, revealing enemy locations to all allies. The sonar bolt only marks enemies within line of sight to it, and can be destroyed by enemies.
  • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury - Fires up to three energy blasts that travel across the entire map, damaging and enemies struck and marking them for all allies.
  • Extra 1: Shock Bolt - Shoots an explosive bolt that sends out a damaging wave of electricity when it lands
  • Extra 2: Owl Drone - Deploys a controllable drone which fires darts that mark any enemies hit, revealing them to allies.


All Ultimates in Valorant viper
© Riot Games

Fitting for their name, Viper is equipped with a range of poisonous attacks to subdue her foes, provided she can keep her toxin supply topped up.


  • Main: Toxic Screen - Places a line a gas emitters which can be activated to create a wall of toxic gas. The emitter has fuel which recharges when deactivated.
  • Ultimate: Viper’s Pit - Smothers an area of the map in a massive toxic cloud. The cloud is sustained as long as Viper remains within it. Enemies within the cloud are highlighted to Viper.
  • Extra 1: Snakebite - Fires a projectile which leaves a pool of acid on the ground.
  • Extra 2: Poison Cloud - Throws a single gas emitter which can be activated to create a poisonous smoke cloud. The emitter can be replaced after a short duration. the emitter has fuel which recharges when deactivated.

Those are all the Valorant characters and abilities shown so far, but we’ve no doubt Riot Games has even more planned to add to the roster. The range of abilities offers a crazy amount of utility during matches, which should make for a very exciting spectacle. Expect plenty more Valorant coverage from us in the coming months, so be sure to check back again with our Valorant hub soon for more news, tips and tricks.

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