How to get Professor Oak in Pokemon Masters

Try out the latest addition to Pokemon Masters, Professor Oak!

Professor Oak was recently added to Pokemon Masters leading many to ask how to get this Sync Pair. Unlike some of the other Sync Pairs in the game, it’s relatively simple to get Professor Oak as long as you take advantage of his limited availability in Pokemon Masters!

How to get Professor Oak in Pokemon Masters

How to get Professor Oak in Pokemon Masters
Professor Oak can be unlocked in Pokemon Masters from February 14 through March 15.
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  • Log in to Pokemon Masters from February 14 to March 15.
  • Completed Chapter 1, then speak with Professor Oak.

To get Professor Oak in Pokemon Masters, you’ll need to log in between February 14 and March 15. Next, you’ll need to complete Chapter 1 of Pokemon Masters. With Chapter 1 completed, you’ll meet Professor Oak who greets you and talks about battles in the PML. When you’ve finished speaking with him, Professor Oak will unlock as Sync Pair.

Given that every character has their own specific Pokemon, you’ll find that Professor Oak comes paired with Mew. Along with Professor Oak’s acquisition, you’ll be able to complete Special Missions for him once you’ve hit Chapter 2. While completely optional, the more Special Missions you complete, the more power-ups you’ll earn for Professor Oak.

As such, it’s worth taking the time to work through them, especially if you plan to team up with Professor Oak and Mew on a regular basis. Again, as long as you log into Pokemon Masters before March 15 and complete Chapter 1, you should be able to automatically get Professor Oak and Mew in Pokemon Masters.

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