Dark Souls Trilogy PS4 boxset appears on Japanese site

For about $450.

After the morning excitement of a Dark Souls Remastered release, we immediately get treated to news of a Dark Souls Trilogy boxset for PS4 on the official Japanese site.

The bundle includes all three FromSoft games, a set of double-disc soundtracks for each, three physical Item Encyclopaedias, memorial art prints and a set of book ends featuring a knight and a bonfire.

The release date on the image suggests it will arrive on May 24, a day ahead of the May 25 Remastered release date, at a price of 49,800 Yen (which is around $450).

There is no suggestion that this trilogy set will be made available to other platforms than PlayStation 4, nor that it is for sale outside of Japan. We'll keep our eye on it.


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