How to refill Temessence Vial in Temtem

Keep your Temessence Vial full at all times in Temtem!

In Temtem, you have a variety of ways to heal including use of your Temessence Vial. When you use your Temessence Vial it’ll be empty until you refill it back up again. By keeping your Temessence Vial full, you’ll be better prepared to take on whatever Temtem throws at you. To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to refill your Temessence Vial in Temtem.

How to refill Temessence Vial in Temtem

How to refill Temessence Vial in Temtem
Your Temessence Vial can be refilled at HealTem stations in Temtem.
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If you have yet to acquire a Temessence Vial in Temtem, you’ll need to finish making your way to Brical de Mar. Inside the shop, you can pick up a Temessence Vial for free. Your Temessence Vial is a permanent inventory item. To use it, press ESC to open your menu, click on the head outline, then select your Backpack from the dropdown menu.

Inside your Backpack, you’ll find the Temessence Vial in your Key Items pocket along with other items like your Tempedia. Select the Temessence Vial, then select your Squad. In doing so, you’ll fully heal your entire Squad. Using the Temessence Vial empties it, meaning you’ll need to refill it if you want to use it again.

To refill your Temessence Vial, head to your nearest Temporium or mini Temporium outpost and use the HealTem machines as normal by pressing F to interact with one. And that’s it, that’s all you have to do. You get one Temessence Vial use, then you can refill it and use it again by interacting with one of the HealTem machines at Temporiums located throughout the world of Temtem!

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