How to Make Your Nintendo Switch a Portable Charging Machine

Ever wanted to know if you can charge your Nintendo Switch without being attached to an outlet? You sure can! Read to learn how.

The biggest advantage of gaming with the NIntendo Switch is the ability to play while you're on the go. That means if you have a long commute to school or work, you can whip out the Switch from your travel bag and game as if you were on a console. The one issue that usually comes up with this advantage is the battery life. The battery life lasts long for most commutes, but if you're not around an outlet for the rest the day, how will you be able to play on your way home?

Plugging the Nintendo Switch into a Laptop

There are a few options available to make your Nintendo Switch chargeable without plugging it into an outlet. Not a lot of them are ideal. For instance, if you are traveling with a laptop, you can plug your Nintendo Switch into the laptop to charge. This is of course assuming that your laptop is compatible with USB-C. Even then, this process will be relatively slow. Especially if the battery of the Switch is already on its last legs.Do make sure that the Nintendo Switch is powered down when charging. If the Switch is powered on, the Switch could actually charge the laptop.

Charging with a USB-C Battery Pack

As the Nintendo Switch also uses USB-C for its wired charger, practically any battery pack can be used as an extra power boost for your handheld, as long as it can have a USB-C cable plugged into it (though you might need to buy one separately). There are a number of basic power banks on the market that output USB-C and are Qi-compatible, meaning you can simply plug the extra battery pack into your Switch when it’s low and chuck it on your Qi wireless charger when you get home to recharge.

Introducing the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch

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ChargePlay Clutch

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect, manufacturer-supported solution to make your Nintendo Switch wirelessly charging, but thanks to USB-C standards, you can put one together yourself. Of course, if you’d like to increase the time you spend with your Switch without sacrificing portability and gain some neat extras like a portable dock stand and Joy-Con grips, the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch is an extended battery pack molded to fit snugly against the back of your Switch. Expanding the life of your batter, this device will come through in the clutch, delivering up 5 additional hours of gameplay, thanks to its 6000mAh battery.

Precautions for the Battery Conscious

Now that you know your options in prolonging your gameplay, there could be some other precautions you'd like to implement in order to make sure your battery doesn't die so quickly. One thing you should know is that the battery will drain faster with the Joy-Cons plugged in. If you're battery conscious, try to play with your Joy-Cons in detached mode. 

Screen brightness can also help with battery life. Head over to Settings and select Screen Brightness to adjust the brightness. You can also Auto-Brightness option so that your device can do the work for you.

If you don't need Wi-Fi, or any wireless connections, turning this off can save you some juice. To do so, go to Settings and then select Airplane Mode. This will disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (Near-Field Communications). Note that if you want to use your Joy-Cons in wireless mode, you will need to have Bluetooth enabled. 

The last tip we have in are arsenal of tricks is disabling the vibration. We love the vibration. It definitely enhances the gaming experience by giving us tactical feedback. It also drains a lot of power. To turn it off, go to settings. Then, select Controller and Sensors and turn Controller Vibration off.

There are many ways to make sure you get the most out of your battery when gaming on a Nintendo Switch. Definitely use these tips and tricks whenever needed. If you need a boost make sure you check out our ChargePlay Clutch. We definitely see it as the most convenient option for travel and freedom from the wall outlet.

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