PUBG Xbox One patch improves frame rate (slightly)

Also lets you blow up cars more easily.

If you’ve been hammering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds over the festive break you’ll be pleased to know that framerate should be a little better thanks to a new patch.

The latest update for the Xbox One version of the OG battle royale playground aims to have the game running smoother, and you aiming better.

Framerate improvements include PhysX and VFX enhancements, while an aim acceleration slider has finally made its way to the console game.

PUBG Corp were insistent in their patch notes that this is an incremental improvement, as with every single other patch they’ve made since December’s release on Xbox.

On the gameplay side of things, the devs have also upped the damage you’ll do to vehicles so feel free to light up that Dacia instead of aiming for the people inside.


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