5 video games that deserve The Witcher's Netflix treatment

The Witcher has paved the way, these are the games that should follow in its footsteps.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Video game that deserve the witcher's netflix treatment - What remains of Edith Finch
© Giant Sparrow

A shorter indie game might seem like an odd choice for a TV show, but Edith Finch’s structure makes perfect sense for a series of short episodes. Delving into the family’s history of misfortune, each could center on a different relative as Edith explores their influence on her unusual family home. 

What Remains of Edith Finch showed just how creative video games can be as a medium, so for an adaptation we’d rather they played to the medium’s strength, toying with genres, visuals and structure rather than control systems. There’s plenty of room for experimentation and joy here without sticking rigidly to the source material.

The Last of Us

Yes, we’ve included two Naughty Dog series in this list. What can we say? They know what they’re doing when it comes to compelling stories. With The Last of Us Part 2 due in just a few months, what better time to drive up interest with a TV adaption of one of gaming’s most-praised storylines? The developing relationship between Ellie and Joel, from reluctant dependence to genuine care and even betrayal, is perfectly suited for a more severe tone that’s still filled with heart. The Left Behind DLC is perfect ground for flashback sequences, and with the second game looking just as engrossing, there’s plenty of room for further seasons. Make it happen, Netflix.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Video games that should be on Netflix after The Witcher
© Guerilla Games

We’re still waiting on Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerilla Games to confirm that a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. In the meantime though, we’d happily take a series exploring Aloy’s fascinating world of mechanical beasts. Uncovering the mistakes of the past that led to the collapse of human civilization offers plenty of opportunities for dramatic cliffhangers, and who doesn’t want to see a robotic dinosaur charging about? 

The CG budget might be a bit high for this one, but we’d still love to see Aloy’s journey from outcast to saviour make the jump, albeit with the resource collection and crafting elements cut down a notch or two. Horizon Zero Dawn was somewhat overshadowed by Breath of the Wild back in 2017, but a stint on Netflix or another streaming site ahead of a sequel would give watchers incentive to head back and try it all over again.

Those are the games we think deserve The Witcher’s Netflix treatment, but if you have another great suggestion then let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear which games you reckon would be great even when you’re not in control of the story.

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