Forest sequel Sons of the Forest has been revealed

Sons of the Forest sees you fighting faceless demons in yep, a forest.

Sons of the Forest, a sequel to Endnight Games' The Forest, is a more horror-focused game about fighting demons in a forest.

The debut game, a crafting survival title that made it through early access to PS4 after around three years, pit you as a civilian in a plane crash who had to survive an island of cannibal tribes.

This sequel appears to lean more heavily into supernatural demonic influences, and pits you as some sort of military group who has entered the woods via unplanned helicopter landing.

You can see the entire Game Awards 2019 trailer for Sons of the Forest below, but beware there are faceless things and a multi-limbed lady sort of humping her way around a forest clearing.

Yeah, not sure what that was about either. You'll be able to find out when Sons of the Forest releases, though there's no given date for that. Looking at the progress through Early Access the first had, we may need to wait some time.

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